Marine Loading Arm

Project Description

As one of the few Australian companies with extensive Marine Loading Arm experience, Camco was contracted by a major gas producer to refurbish and modify two of their Marine Loading Arms. The works required competent MLA specialists to execute the multifaceted project and work closely.


The Loading Arms had a number of issues not least the refurbishment works that required professional MLA specialist to resolve. The MLA’s also required modifications to improve their robustness to withstand category 5 intensity cyclones. Undertaking this work would require large facilities, large craneage, multidisciplined staff and the OEM would need to work closely with the repairer sharing intellectual property as the upgrade was undertaken.


Camco established a process to safely remove the Loading Arms in cradles and pedestals designed, fabricated and load tested at Camco Canning Vale facility. The refurbishment was undertaken in our workshops that offer 80 tonnes overhead craneage and all essential services, Machining, Fabrication, Mechanical fitting, Metrology and comprehensive Project Management was provided inhouse. In conjunction with the OEM coupling boxes were manufactured and installed, upgrading the MLA’s capacity to withstand category 5 cyclone intensity. Camco undertook preservation and storage of the MLA’s and after a period in storage the team was engaged to install and commission the MLA’s onsite, successfully returning them to plant operations.


The rebuild of a critical and complex piece of equipment was completed on time and under budget. The successful outcome was achieved through team dedication and demonstrated Camco’s ability to work in conjunction with the OEM and the client.

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