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Bogie Trailer Assembly Rebuild and Standardisation


Client: Salt Producer
Location: Pilbara, Australia
Category: Mining

Project Description:

Camco Engineering was engaged by a large multi-site Pilbara operation to retrieve and rebuild site trailer bogie assemblies from lay down area at an industrial location south of Perth. Once relocated back at our Canning Vale operations it was apparent that the task of rebuilding would present a number of unforeseen challenges.

The semi stripped units were missing a large number of components and those existing were in extremely poor condition. Adding to the confusion it was found that some of the assemblies were a mismatch of components. Rebuild difficulties were exacerbated when the drawings provided by the client were actually obsolete and inconsistent with the mixed components provided.

In conjunction with the client and their site staff, a rebuild strategy was established to standardise bogie assembly. Camco provided new drawings that encompass bogie modifications and component design changes to suit the application. Camco staff working in conjunction with the client modified and improved current designs to meet the harsh site requirements.

Some of the modifications

  • Wheel stud shoulder adjustment and nut size increase to form a more robust design
  • Wheel stud material change
  • Walking beam material uniformity
  • Axle beams uniformity
  • Urethane bushes in the main pivot trunnion replaced with Aluminium Bronze bushes
  • The development of a scope of work including hold points during the rebuild.
  • Development of new drawings to standardize future rebuilds and material selection

Working as a partner with our client Camco Engineering supported the establishment of bogie standardisation, new material selection and drawing development to improve the equipment and ensure continuity and quality of future rebuilds.

Camco Head Office: 1 Bell Street, Canning Vale, WA, 6155
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