Health, Safety and Environment

The Camco management team and board consider its most important task is to ensure that people go home to their families safely every day.

The Camco HSE policy focuses on three key pillars of systems, leadership and behaviours:

  • All activities in any jurisdiction are compliant to the relevant Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental legislations.
  • A risk-based management system has been implemented in compliance to the ISO45001 Occupational health and safety management system standard.
  • All employees implement systems of work to identify and assess hazards and impacts and controls are implemented to prevent injury, illnesses and environmental impact.
  • Clear lines of communication have been established between management and the workforce to ensure that workers have the opportunity for ongoing consultation and training.
  • Camco front line leaders have completed a relevant leadership training program and have access to tools and resources needed to ensure their workforce can safely complete their activities.
  • Work is conducted were practicable in a resource efficient manner that minimises waste and adverse environmental impact.
  • Camco actively reuses, recycles and minimises the use of paper, cardboard, steel (swarf, offcuts) and waste chemicals. Recycling or disposal through authorised waste disposal companies.

Rope Access

The highest risk activity that Camco conducts is the use of Rope Access techniques to access work sites. This activity allows for maintenance in-situ in situations where it is not practicable to bring the item to ground. All activities related to rope access are conducted in direct authority by the Rope Access manager and technical advisor in compliance to the International Rope Access Trade Association Code of Practice (IRATA COP).

Health of the Workforce

Due to the nature of the work that Camco conducts, our workers are exposed to various health related risks, Camco actively monitors these risks and has implemented controls to prevent exposure above the relevant exposure limits. Camco’s focus is on the following aspects:

  • Noise
  • Fume and dust exposure
  • Fitness for work – fatigue, drugs and alcohol
  • Temperature exposure – working in hot environments
  • Remote travel
  • Manual handling

The controls for these aspects vary, controls include but are not limited to:

  • Training and standard operating procedures
  • Extensive manual handling equipment
  • Personnel and respiratory protective equipment
  • Medical and drug and alcohol testing
  • Monitoring (noise and dust)
  • Extraction – welding and paint fumes

The Way We Work

The senior management team is working to instil the philosophy of the “The Way We Work” into all leaders and workers at Camco. This philosophy aims to change people’s mindset that aspects of Health, Safety, Environment, Quality are elements of the job, not additional rules.

Environmental Management

Camco takes responsibility for our activities and recognises the importance of minimising any adverse impacts on the environment. To ensure our operations are both environmentally friendly and sustainable, we:

  • Raise awareness of environmental aspects and impacts with our employees
  • Actively seek to improve the management of waste material
  • Ensure we recycle 100% of scrap steel and recoverable chemicals, paper and cardboard
  • Implement utility reduction projects
  • Review and implement a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan