Camco utilises multiple security standards and protocols to ensure the protection of staff, materials and data both on-site and in the cyber domain. These commitments align Camco with the security desires of the Australian Government and industry


Essential Eight

Camco’s computers and networks are compliant with the Essential Eight to maturity level 3.

ISO 27001

Camco has employed certain devices that are compliant with ISO 27001 for sensitive information handling, ensuring that other entities can entrust us with data that is not intended to be seen by anyone else.

DSVS Cyber Assessment

Camco has been assessed as Embedded for cyber security practices by DS&VS.


Physical Security

Deter, Detect, Delay, Respond, Recover

Camco follows the advice of the protective security framework in how we define and apply security practices. This is visualised in the above image, covering our physical as well as cyber security measure. By employing this framework Camco is committed to the security-in-depth principle across the entire business.