To be the supplier of choice for innovative, time critical engineering solutions to the most successful and progressive mining, oil and gas, rail, power generation and defence businesses in Australia.

The Camco Vision

Camco’s success is measured by building long term partnerships with successful businesses and relevant interested parties. These partnerships are established through meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, on-time delivery and competitiveness.

Camco’s quality objectives include:

  • Integrating Camco systems were practicable, this reduces the complexity of the processes that our leaders are required to apply.
  • Ensuring all employees are familiar with Camco’s management system and that work is conducted in a systematic way in accordance with documented processes.
  • Meet our Client’s expectations and were practice exceed industry best practice.
  • Clearly outline job requirements through the Job Pack and Manufacturing Work Instruction processes to ensure the job is clearly understood before work is commenced.

All work conducted at Camco is done in accordance with our Quality Management System (QMS), which is certified by ISO9001. Camco has operated under an ISO9001 system continuously since 2000.


Quality risk management

Risks arising from work conducted by Camco which can impact the ability to meet our client’s quality requirements are identified and controls implemented to prevent non-conforming product from being dispatched and rework from creating waste (time and resources).

Quality assurance is an integral part of Camco’s operations. We aspire to focus on ensuring that the required level of quality is achievable, and is implemented through attention to detail at every stage. Some of Camco’s main quality assurance processed include:

  • Quotes being prepared with input from technical experts and reviewed for accuracy
  • Quality requirements identified during the quoting stage
  • Correct selection of qualified personnel for the task
  • Appropriate and maintained equipment is used to conduct the work
  • Robust release inspections are conducted using calibrated equipment
  • All required testing is performed and records are provided