Camco has progressively developed after-market sizer components since 2012.

The incremental development and modification of sizer components over a series of wear improvement campaigns has allowed our engineers and metallurgists to develop comprehensive, innovative techniques associated with component design, material selection and application.

The now well-established program offers Camco clients significant improvements in throughput, component longevity, component availability, lead times and cost structures.

Our professional site teams add substantial value to the Sizer operations through technical support, efficient rebuilds and intermediate service life maintenance (welding and mechanical servicing).

The Camco workshop and site based teams deliver a holistic management approach that secures the cost-effective operation of the Sizer units.

Sizers Services

  • Camco designed caps, picks, end discs and wear bands
  • All engagement components are hard faced with Camco developed hard-facing wires
  • Hard-facing overlay by robotics for weld consistency
  • Shafts and gears manufactured internally to specification
  • Modification of designs to improve throughput and increase service longevity

Our Work