Camco has a multitude of employee benefits to ensure that our employees are comfortable and work in a supportive, happy culture.

Our new modern facilities are conveniently located close to public transport, major shopping areas and arterial roads. We also have an on-site cafeteria, outdoor dining areas, bike racks / lockers, and commuter shower facilities.

Our meeting rooms are fitted with video conferencing to connect with our teams in other locations, including those working on remote sites.

Our growth is dependent on the commitment, hard work and capability of our employees. This is maintained through providing the following:

  • Participation in conferences and expos
  • Support for graduate or post graduate studies
  • Technical and personal development training
  • Provision and laundering of uniforms
  • Secure on-site parking
  • Social Club
  • Dedicated on-site training centre

Staff Social Club

Camco’s Social Club is supported by senior management and encourages employees to build stronger relationships with their colleagues outside of work hours. The Social Club hosts a number of functions throughout the year and includes a variety of event types such as: Family BBQ & Cricket Day, Multicultural Lunch Day and Christmas Parties. These events are always a great success and are some of our employees most enjoyed work occasions.

Employee Development and Growth

Camco is committed to developing and upskilling our employees – our growth is dependent on the commitment, hard work and capability of these individuals.

Our most valuable asset is our people.

This is supported though a range of development initiatives including:

  • Job rotation
  • Secondment
  • Accompanying another employee on the job
  • Assigning a mentor
  • Chairing meetings
  • Participation in conferences and industry specific expos
  • Support for graduate or post graduate studies
  • Internships
  • Regular performance feedback
  • Team building activities
  • Networking with internal / external experts
  • Specific technical training courses
  • Personal development courses

Employee Health and Wellbeing

Camco’s HSE & HR Teams are dedicated to ensuring our employees health and wellbeing is managed and cared for. We are committed to providing initiatives that support our ethos and as such, facilitate onsite health screening, flu vaccinations and R U OK campaigns.

In addition to the above, all employees of Camco have an obligation to stop work if they feel something is unsafe in the workplace. We encourage safety conversations between employees and their managers to determine a safe and suitable solution – Camco employees have a right to safety.