Camco takes its corporate citizenship seriously and endeavours to make a difference in the community in which we operate.

Our emphasis on training and developing our employees, including apprentices & trainees, has contributed significantly to the development of the manufacturing skills base in Western Australia.

Camco’s most important asset is our people. Camco is focused on preventing fatalities, injuries and significant near-miss incidents, in line with the vision and value of Camco.

To achieve this, Camco has established capable systems, used by an evolving workforce safety culture that is supported and leads by highly capable leaders.


Camco’s management systems are established in compliance with the new international standard ISO 45001 on its release. Camco systems are designed to be simple and effective whilst removing process waste through integration of common processes.


Camco’s culture is based on health and safety being considered as a part of the work we do rather than an additional requirement.

All workers and contractors are required to:

  • Stop work and discuss with supervisor if a job is believed to be unsafe.
  • Consider before starting any job hazards that may harm (or kill) and what controls will stop this occurring and are they working.
  • Collaborate, consult and be open with leadership at all forums.
  • Follow the systems provided.


Camco’s vision will be achieved through effective and involved leadership from senior management to the shop floor.

Camco’s leaders are experienced in the role they are fulfilling and are provided with the tools, equipment and training required to achieve the vision. Leaders collaborate and consult with their workforce on issues and remind their team on active and upcoming work throughout the day. Leaders are accountable for ensuring that adequate time is spent in field to support the Camco culture.