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Camco will always treat others with respect and kindness and will not engage in or tolerate bullying, harassment or unlawful discrimination.


HRM Compliance

Camco will always work in accordance with all relevant legislation and laws to ensure that our employees are treated fairly.



Camco will always work efficiently and encourage innovative ideas to promote prosperity within the company.


Connecting with Community

Camco will always opt, where practical to engage local suppliers in the first instance.


Corporate Planning

Camco will always operate in accordance with company procedures and policies to establish long term goals and objectives to sustain employment for our people

Corporate Planning

Professional Growth and Development

Camco will always seek to improve our skills and knowledge to pursue excellence in every task completed by the HR Team.



We will always ensure our employees are offered all opportunities to allow them to improve and develop within their role in the business.

Our Culture

Camco’s goal is to bring together all people from diverse backgrounds and give each person the opportunity to contribute their skills, experience and perspectives. Camco strives to create an inclusive culture in which diversity is recognised and valued.

The objectives are to:

  • Attract and retain the best possible employees
  • Provide safe, respectful and flexible work environment
  • Deliver our services in a safe, respectful and reasonably flexible way

Company Values


Camco at all time deals with its clients in an open and professional manner and provide clear communication to support client engagement and satisfaction.


Camco provide unparalleled service to our clients in four ways:

  • Quality products and repairs
  • Reliable on-time delivery and turnaround times
  • Dependability as a service provider
  • The understanding that time has value for our clients


Camco warrants the workmanship of repaired and manufactured products at our facilities. The owners and management encourage employees to embrace this intrinsic approach to accountability in the scope of their individual roles.

“A continually growing company with investment back into its employees and the business itself.”

“Camco are fast paced, providing specialised solutions to high demand clients. This energy is a great motivator.”

“Company cares for its staff and I enjoy the challenges that come my way. Rewarding and a comfortable environment to be in”

“Camco is both a friendly and professional environment to work in. It can be fast paced when workshop volume is high, but is generally steadily paced.“

“The work is fulfilling and it’s a great company to work for with a great team to work with.”