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Wear Materials

Camco Engineering understands the need for chute and equipment reliability.

The life must match the campaign cycle of the critical main components.  Premature wear invites significant negative impact to production rates. Camco Engineering products offer durable solutions ensuring long lasting performance of equipment.

Product – Wear Liners and Overlays 

Camco Engineering offer standardised products and bespoke blends to achieve optimum outcomes either for impact or abrasion wear.

Common Carbide Combinations (Liners)

Carbide combinations for generic applications, note Camco can alter each of these could be further developed to suit the end user wear application:

  • Chrome carbide: High abrasion and low impact
  • Chrome-Niobium: High abrasion and moderate impact
  • Chrome-Tungsten-Molybdenum: Extreme abrasion and moderate impact
  • Chrome-Titanium–Molybdenum: Medium abrasion and high impact
  • Chrome-Niobium with lower carbon: Extreme impact and high abrasion

All of the above combinations can be further altered with the percentages of carbides to achieve the desired optimum impact/abrasive properties.


Camco Engineering understands the need for chute reliability.

The life of the chute must match the campaign cycle of the critical main components. Chutes wearing prematurely can have a major negative impact on production rates.

Long lasting and affordable Ceramic Wear Liners – Ready to install

95% Alumina [AL203] High Performance and Low Cost

Economical and Durable.

ZTA – Zirconia Toughened Alumina [Zr02 & AL203]

Fracture Resistant and Long lasting.

ZMM – Zirconia Metal Matrix – Next generation Hybrid Wear Liner

Extreme Wear Resistance – exceptional service capacity for Impact and Abrasion.

Proven industry performers presently in use by the major mining companies.

Camco have put in the time and hard work so that you can be assured of a reliable and cost-effective wear solution. Camco offer reliable manufacturing and refurbishment services via an innovative and complete one stop business model.

Weld overlay: or Camco drawings

Camco Wear Analysis

Camco uses state of the art scanners for wear analysis of products / wear plates. System generated wear heat maps are developed for long term planning and improvement studies.

Wear Materials Services:

Hard Facing (weld overlay)

  • Abrasion and impact wear management
  • Robotic hard facing
  • Component (G.E.T & Wear resistant materials) hard facing
  • Tungsten Carbides
  • Niobium carbides
  • Complex chrome carbides
  • Bespoke carbide combinations to suit customer requirements

Wear plate:

  • Products to meet service demand
  • Technical support to analyse and deliver wear solutions
  • A wide range of Weld Overlay Materials available
  • Wear plates cut and studded based on customer or Camco drawings
  • Stock materials
  • Camco stock CWP 23 – Vickers hardness >650
  • Camco stock CWP 24 – Vickers hardness >700
  • Common bead patterns – Weave/Wave/Stringer/Chequered
  • Wear Plate offered in standard and customised sizes
  • ASTM G 65 batch testing of wear liners

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