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Camco Engineering (Camco) provides a wide range of goods and services to a diverse range of power suppliers based around the comprehensive capacity of our workshop, it’s equipment and our highly skilled staff. We are dedicated to delivering goods and services that predominantly support gas & coal powered operations and wind turbine facilities.

Key Services:

  • Wind turbine gearbox (onsite condition monitoring / failure analysis / overhaul).
  • Generator exciter (machining)
  • Turbine housing and rotor (machining)
  • Retaining ring (manufacture)
  • Turbine gland labyrinth segments (manufacture)
  • Turbine bolt (manufacture)
  • Coal crusher (repairs)
  • Steam Control Valves

Our highly skilled workforce can be mobilised to provide complete site service packages involving inspection, diagnostics, design and engineering improvements, manufacture and maintenance.

Site Services

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Power Generation

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Wind Turbine Gearboxes

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Camco Head Office: 1 Bell Street, Canning Vale, WA, 6155
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